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"Teaching communication using today's technology"

About Us

M.U.S.I.C. World HQ was started in 1990 by President / Founder, Leslie Jennings. It is a unique organization that combines the worlds of music and technology to foster and promote community education, the arts, and entrepreneurship. We have provided services to area youth and adults through a series of community workshops in Greater Lorain County.

Technology Services:

  • Software Training
  • Hardware Training
  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • Network Service
  • Website Design
  • Internet Publishing
  • Computer / Tablet / Mobile Device Services
  • Software / Hardware Upgrades

President / Founder Leslie Jennings is recognized as a visionary in the technology field with over 25 years of experience. He has spent over 12 years as a Technology Coordinator for Clearview School District. With more than a decade of administrative decision making concerning technology in today’s educational setting. He has provided technology services, training, and consulting for many local companies and organizations including:

  • Educational Service Center of Lorain County
  • Clearview School District
  • CenturyTel
  • CommTech Corporation
  • Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority
  • Neighborhood House Association
  • Salvation Army of Lorain
  • Lorain YWCA
  • Robert Taylor Insurance
  • Avon Urgent Care
  • Elyria Medical Center
  • Okeefe Casting