Video Marketing

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Video Marketing

The World Wide Web or the Internet is an information superhighway.  Information in various formats is available on-demand 24 hours a day.  Information in the form of mostly text compiled in to websites can be read using  web browsers.

In this information superhighway audio and video are quickly gaining  popularity because of it’s great quality experience against dead websites. Audi  and video is much more appealing than text.

But how do you use web video in marketing?

The simple answer to this is “to educate the viewers”. Education of any kind  makes the viewer easier to take a decision. It doesn’t have a to be a buying  decision. Many people browse the Internet to find a solution or for research. A  web video is the best way to help the viewer to gain extra knowledge about his  subject.

Why is video preferred more than text base information?

It’s quite obvious, because a video shows a proof that real human beings can  solve their problems by using the information in the video. Most people only  believe things that are visible to their eyes. If your video is successful n  presenting them proof of their achievements using a particular book, machine,  service then it can quickly create emotional triggers into viewers mind to make  a buying decision.

An impulse like “hey, it worked for him, even want to try it” makes it  possible to convert a viewer into a “customer”. On the other hand it is also  possible that after watching a video a viewer may say, “no, this is not what I  am looking for”.

So you see, “education” makes a person capable of taking decisions quickly  and can guide him towards the right path. If your product doesn’t solve his  problem then you have saved yourself from the misery of an unsatisfied customer  and web video is the easiest way to do this.

One of the greatest benefits of web video is that it can be played  “on-demand”. the video resides on your server or at a video portal and anyone  interested can view it anytime he/she wants. That is why web video is becoming  the new age marketing vehicle for marketers around the globe and you must give  it a try, without any hesitation.